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School Operational Dashboard
Dr. Voltz is a Google Certified Teacher

Academy Course Description:

The school administrator is responsible for monitoring a wide range of key indicators of school district operations, including, but not limited to student achievement, finance, communication with the public, school safety and security, energy usage, weather forecasting, and calendar. Too often, the school administrator must seek different types and sources of information scattered across the district to be able to adequately monitor school efficiency, productivity, and to make crucial decisions. The purpose of this course is in helping the school administrator design a technology-based dashboard that allows for easier and more efficient access to major school district management and operational data for maintenance, deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Participants will be able to describe the concept of a "technology-based dashboard" and "gadgets" and how to locate those gadgets for entering on a school district dashboard; identify and access available administrator professional learning communities to collaboratively share information on and learn about education-related topics as well as available social workplace technology to communicate collaboratively with other administrators on topics of interest; the characteristics and elements that comprise school district technology-based dashboard designs used to efficiently maintain and monitor key management and operational areas; and be able to design a technology dashboard and add gadgets for monitoring a wide range of their own school district operations.
First topic: Introduction of dashboard and gadgets.

Second Topic: Use of Administrator Professional Learning Community and how to incorporate this into the dashboard.

Third Topic: Learn how to use social community for threaded discussion on specific topics

Fourth Topic: Learn how others have designed dashboards for their role as school administrators.

Fifth Topic: Actually design your own dashboard containing the widgets you would use for your administrative role.

Dr. Voltz has prepared the second in a series of podcasts for school administrators to learn how to use technology effectively in their roles. This podcast is a tutorial on how to use iGoogle as a homepage. You will learn how to put your favorite Internet sites on one page that opens up when you turn your computer on. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PODCAST