Successful Remediation of the Unsatisfactory Teacher

AAC #1011

Learn the prescription for success to evaluate, remediate, and dismiss both non-tenured and tenured teachers. This academy will offer a review of sound instructional theory that evaluators need to know in this age of Education Reform. This will include measures and indicators for sound teacher pedagogy and student performance-based teacher evaluation systems. Various evaluation systems will be presented such as the Danielson Framework. Learn how to evaluate and make critical decisions on non-tenured teachers and, more importantly, how to evaluate tenured teachers and hold them accountable for both teaching and non-teaching functions. Too often school administrators ignore poor employee performance that is not instruction related. Learn how work rules and a structured discipline process solve these problems. Learn how to follow school law and develop teacher remediation plans. As an added bonus, learn how school administrators are using technology devices for walkthroughs, observations, and completing teacher evaluation processes.

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==Stand for Children Co-founder describes Illinois take down of teachers and their unions==

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