Welcome to Dr. Voltz's Website
Use this website to access materials related to the ISBE Administrative Academies offered by IASA.

Click on the page to the left to access the materials for the training workshop that you are interested in. This website has the following pages (communities) for you to investigate and gather information. This is a Professional Learning Community website for Illinois school superintendents, central office personnel, and building level administrators.

The pages are the following:
  • Become an iAdministrator, this page supports the ISBE administrator academy course "Become an iAdministrator to Strengthen Your Leadership and Management Skills, AAC #1144.
  • Common Core, information school administrators use as Illinois transitions to Common Core.
  • Danielson Workshop Files - Information for participants at the IASA Danielson Academy
  • Education Related Videos,
  • Funny Videos, this page has links to funny videos that you may want to use in presentations or with staff.
  • Inspirational Videos, this page has links to inspirational videos that you may want to use in presentations or with staff.
  • iPad for iEducators, tutorials and information related to using iPads for school administrators.
  • Principal Evaluation, information on the new Illinois Principal Evaluation process.
  • School Finance, information for participants enrolled in the IASA Finance Knowledge Academy
  • School Operational Dashboard, this page is under construction and will support the new ISBE administrator academy on how to effectively use Google in your everyday work.
  • Successful Remediation of the Unsatisfactory Teacher is the support page for ISBE academy AAC #1011.
  • Teacher Evaluation Videos, videos for administrators to use to practice using the Danielson Method for teacher evaluation purposes.
  • Technology Related Videos, this page has links to technology related videos that you may want to use in presentations or with staff.
  • Value Added Model, an example of using a mathematical model for teacher and principal performance evaluations.

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