This page will contain content for teachers and administrators related to using iPads in education.

IPad tips- Read text selection aloud

The IPad includes a function that will let you select text and have it read aloud. Find out how to access this function.

What to know before you buy a tablet.

What to know BEFORE you buy a Tablet from Jason Smith on Vimeo.

Google Forms Mail Merge

This video was made by Jason Smith and is a tutorial on how to take data from the Google Forms Walkthrough and mail merge this data to a Word document or an email and send the teacher his/her specific data.

Podcast on how to use Google Docs Forms as an application on an iPad to do classroom walkthroughs and teacher evaluations using your iPad.

  • Podcast on how to use the app "Form Tools" to digitize informal and formal teacher evaluations. Dr. Voltz created this podcast to serve as a tutorial for school administrators who may want to use the app “Form Tools” when they are conducting teacher informal and formal classroom observations.

Podcast 167: Form Tools

  • Tutorial on how to use Evernote on an iPad to conduct classroom walkthroughs and teacher evaluations.

  • Soundnote is another iPad application building level administrators can use to conduct classroom observations and teacher evaluations.

Dueling iPads Presentation